It’s not ALL hypnosis. The Placebo Effect

Hypnosis or PlaceboI Always do this for headaches. I put my hand on their forehead and ask them what colour the pain is. 9 times out of ten it’s red. I then tell them to put all the red in my hand and when it’s in there to let me know. 9 times out of 10 they nod and or say yes within around two or three minutes. I then just take my hand away and carry on as if nothing has happened and watch their look of confusion. I’ve done it with migraines, hangovers, back pain and once for Period Pain. Is it hypnosis? Well it involves suggestion. Is it ‘healing’. That is certainly what appears to happen. But, it works, ask me if I’m bothered how or why…. ;-)

Every time the conversation comes around to hands on healing or anything that looks remotely outside of surgery or pill popping there is always someone who starts shouting that it’s nothing more than hypnosis with the ‘placebo’ effect.

You know apart from the Black Death most of humanity has pretty much managed to stick around for the last few hundred thousands of years without a single ‘drug’ or medical procedure.

Hands on and all sorts of healing has been around and been quite successful for quite a few tens of thousands of those. The modern argument is of course that in the past people didn’t grow very bigand didn’t live very long but the truth is that social evolution had a lot to do with that as much as medicine. And early 1800′s loads of people lived into their 80′s even in the middle ages the better fed got there too.

I know there are more people alive than ever before but that’s a lame argument for things like ‘Hands on’ and acupuncture not working, as the fact is yes there are more people alive, but there are more people alive today who are ill, diseased and disabled hanging on to lives wich should naturally have probably ended years before than there have ever been. When we talk about Placebo – the word by the way doesn’t mean *suggested healing* it means ….
A harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any physiological effect.
A substance that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new drugs.
We talk as if modern pills and potions have been around forever and that they Always work. The truth is that most of them have been around for a few decades and that they ‘often’ help the bodies immune system overcome disease.

The thing is, the real thing is, that often the pills and potions given out by the medicos are themselves the true placebo, replacing good food, healthy exercise and the simple honest to goodness capacity for the body and mind to heal themselves.